Unprecedented growth continues despite pandemic measures

Many of our employees may be operating from their homes, but the diverse title and settlement services we provide our clients have not been curtailed. Contrary to all expectations for the economic impact of the past 12 months, Tohickon’s persistent growth amid a year of shutdowns is evidence that our people are still meeting clients’ needs with signature efficiency. Even after months of working from their home offices while surrounded by the demands and responsibilities of remote-schooled kids, WFH partners—and the worst cabin fever of their lives.

“Our people have given everything they’ve got for a couple of years now, and especially for the past six months,” says Brendan Nolan, CEO. “It’s time to acknowledge that, show our gratitude and make it possible for all of us to take a healthy and welcome break from it all.”

“Despite the pandemic that’s hobbled so many businesses over the past year, Tohickon has been experiencing unprecedented growth,” says Brendan Nolan, CEO of the 45-year-old family-owned firm. “It’s a measure of our ability to adjust and find a path forward that we’ve had to hire more people to meet the demand—more than doubling our workforce since March 2019.

“In fact, just from a square-footage perspective, had the pandemic not forced nearly all employees to work from home, we would have far outgrown our capacity here in what was our new, spacious headquarters in just two years.”

To improve efficiency, during this growth period Tohickon added 21 closers, coordinators, conveyancers, title examiners and client services associates; added an affiliate office serving Keller Williams Real Estate’s clients at its New Hope and Doylestown locations; restructured its business model; and is now transitioning to new title and settlement software.

Brendan and Gwen Damone, director of operations, recently hosted all staff across two days at the New Hope headquarters. In four groups—and carefully following pandemic protocols—the team was brought up to date on restructuring plans. They also received training in the new title and settlement communications platform, which launches April 5.

“I’m amazed and grateful that our team of talented, dedicated women and men has maintained our signature level of service—seamlessly—from their home offices,” says Nolan. “I could not be prouder of them and how smoothly they’ve handled the past challenging year.”

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