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40 years' expertise

Tohickon has earned a well-deserved reputation for competence, integrity and service acquired through decades of finding solutions and delivering stress-free, successful settlements.

Passion for work

We live and breathe our commitment to our clients and our obsession with detail and perfect closings. It feeds our success and has earned us the respect and appreciation of our clients.

Backed by the best

When it comes to title insurance, our underwriters are the best in the business of protecting your property rights and your biggest asset.

More than a title agency

At Tohickon Settlement Services, we do more than just sell exceptional, comprehensive title insurance policies to protect your property investment. We approach every transaction knowing that it represents the fulfillment of a dream, the accomplishment of a lifetime or an investment in a promising future.

When you sit down at our settlement table you can be confident that our experienced, dedicated agents have crossed every t and dotted every i on your behalf to ensure your property rights are protected and the closing is smooth and problem-free.


Since 1976, Tohickon has been serving the title and settlement needs of homeowners, realtors, lenders, attorneys and real estate developers in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. When it comes time to choose a title company that you can rely on to handle your most important transactions, doesn’t it make sense to call the firm that has proven to be reliable, secure, efficient, responsive and accurate for more than 40 years?


Tohickon team wishes happy birthday to the boss

Tohickon team wishes happy birthday to the boss

In late March, under pandemic protocols, the first—but hopefully not last—in-person staff meeting of 2021 provided a perfect opportunity for Tohickon’s team members to wish #1 Boss Brendan Nolan a happy, healthy 60th birthday…

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Avoiding Wire Fraud

Wire fraud scams have become an increasing danger in real estate transactions. To help you learn how to recognize a scam, the National Association of Realtors has produced this 2-minute video. Please take time to watch so you can become familiar with the warning signs of wire fraud.

For your safety, follow these steps:

  1. If you receive an email providing wiring instructions, DO NOT wire any money until you call a main office phone number to verify. DO NOT call any phone number listed in the email.
  2. Change your password often and choose a strong sequence.  The longer the password, the longer it takes to break.
  3. To reply to emails involving real estate transactions, DO NOT use REPLY. Instead, use the FORWARD option and type in the correct recipient email address.

If you are uncertain or have questions, please call Tohickon at 215.794.0700. We are here to help!

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