Taking advantage of low rates to purchase or refinance a home?

If you’ve ever thought of refinancing your home’s mortgage, now is the time to do it. But don’t put it off, because many industry analysts are predicting that the low rates we’ve enjoyed since a sharp drop in December could rebound quickly.

Now is also the time to remind you that YOU have the right to choose who will handle the closing on your refinance or purchase. That’s right—most buyers and sellers accept the recommendation of their lender or real estate broker, but by law we can choose whatever settlement services company we wish to use.

However, you’ll want to make certain you pick a settlement company that you trust to be knowledgeable, experienced, able to answer all your questions and to respond swiftly and accurately should any issue arise. It helps to know that your closing company has earned the respect of lenders, title searchers, title insurers and any other professionals you anticipate working with to finalize your refinance or purchase.

Tohickon Settlement Services has built its reputation for smooth, stress-free closings over more than four decades. We’ve grown to be one of the largest family-owned title services agencies in the area, working with the most respected lenders, real estate agencies and developers in the region.

And while title insurance rates are set by the state and can’t be discounted, Tohickon can still save you money at the closing table—because we charge fewer of the usual closing fees that can add hundreds to your final costs.

Another advantage that can save you money, hassles and anxiety is Tohickon’s friendly, knowledgeable people. Our closing experts are right here and ready to answer your questions about title insurance, closing procedures and your rights and responsibilities—or anything at all regarding settling a sale or purchase of property. We’re happy to help!

Check us out here on our website, email us at info@ClosingPro.com, or call 215.794.0700 and ask for a Tohickon closing professional. Now located in new headquarters at 6464 Lower York Road, New Hope, and recently expanded into Center City and New Brunswick, NJ.

If you have questions or wish to know more about title insurance, settlements or Tohickon’s services, please send us an email or give us a call.